Special Thanks

A lot goes into making a healthy interactive website. Like most of the web, this site was made possible by the use of many free resources; available because of the internet's culture of sharing. We figured it would only be right to thank these projects and people publicly for their kindness. Here is a listing of the ones that were most helpful:
  • Apache Web Server
    Every page you see on this site is sent out by the dependable Apache web server. In fact more than half the web pages in existence are served by Apache.
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  • Perl Programming Language
    To make web pages that interact with you, we need a programming language. Perl is the popular and fun programming language used to make all the interactive features of this site.
    (more info)
  • MySQL Database
    We need a way to store all the information we have about shoes. The MySQL database is a very convenient and powerful way to do that.
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  • FreeBSD Operating System
    All of the above programs need to run on a stable operating system. We use FreeBSD for that, and it works great.
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  • W3 Schools CSS Tutorials
    In designing the look and layout of the site, we made extensive use of the W3 Schools' CSS tutorials and reference sections.
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  • My Janee Graphics and Iris Design
    To make the glossy buttons, we had to learn some graphics tricks. These two sites helped out a lot.
  • Zappos has created the most comprehensive selection of shoes in the world, and coupled it with one of the best customer experiences anywhere. Luckily for us, they offer to partner with people through their affiliate program and provide lots of information that we use to build our site.
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Thanks again to all the free resources out there that make it possible!

The OHP Team